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Software Engineer

Joe Wise

I am Joe Wise, a current student at the University of Southern California pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Game Development. I have a lot of hands-on experience and I’m passionate about finding pragmatic elegant solutions to complex problems.

I’m interested in teams with strong collaboration and communication skills. I want to be able to push the bounds of my abilities and be able to learn from a strong team and from strong projects. I want to be a part of a team that I can help grow by sharing my skills. I’m particularly interested in roles that involve mobile, game-play, or artificial intelligence development. I’m most comfortable with Python, C#, C++, and Java, but I’m a fast learner and love to pick up new languages and tech stacks.



  • University of Southern California

    2016 - 2018

    Master's in Computer Science

    Specialization in Game Development
  • University of California, Santa Cruz

    2013 - 2015

    Bachelor's in Computer Science

    Honors in the Major

    GPA: 3.54


  • Embedded

    Fall 2017 - Spring 2018

    Director, Engineer, Designer

    Embedded is a VR game where players take the role of a photojournalist that is embedded with a team of soldiers in the Vietnam War. Throughout the game, the player takes photos of what they witness and chooses which photos will be published for everyone to see, thus deciding whether the public will see the war as a necessary and patriotic action or a haphazard and cruel one. I created this photojournalism-themed Virtual Reality game for USC’s Advanced Game Projects, conceiving of, writing the game design document for, and pitching the game to faculty and industry judges. I assembled and managed four engineers, three artists, two designers, one composer, and one producer. I formulated the underlying architecture for analyzing sentiment and composition of photographs and programmed player movement, photography mechanics, and photo quality analysis in Unity.
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

    Summer 2017

    VR Innovation Associate

    I contributed to a number of Virtual Reality experiences for Sony Corporate Development. I was Lead Engineer for a branching narrative horror experience based on Sony IP and a relaxing meditation experience. I negotiated design issues between executive and artistic interests to create two engaging VR pieces.
  • Lucid Sight

    Spring 2017

    VR/AR Engineering Intern

    I developed several Virtual and Augmented Reality game prototypes for the VR/AR startup, Lucid Sight. While at Lucid Sight I gained experience using tools for targeting Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and HoloLens in Unity. I also collaborated with CTO and lead engineers to foster, implement, and document best practices for VR.
  • Speedy Packets

    June-September 2014

    Software Engineering Intern

    Speedy Packets developed Speedy TCP, an alternative to traditional TCP. Speedy TCP takes advantage of Random Linear Network Coding to help speed up network file transfers. During my first internship, I ported their C code from Linux to Android using the Android Native Development Kit. I overcame issues of scattered documentation and worked mostly independently on the project. Currently, the Android app is being used for internal testing and demos to potential customers.
  • Speedy Packets

    January-September 2016

    Software Engineering Intern

    During my second internship, I created an automated test bed to measure and report various metrics such as battery usage, speed, and throughput compared to TCP. This included setting up a network of virtual machines to emulate a range of connection conditions and writing scripts to run tests on the network, analyze the data, and then graph the relevant information.
  • Struggle

    August-December 2016

    Gameplay Engineer

    Struggle is a 3D exploration-based game where you play as the tiny imaginary friend of a frightened little girl. Frightened during a thunderstorm, she tasks you with going out into the mysterious carpet world to collect light and bring it back to her. I contributed to player controls, enemy AI, puzzle design, and puzzle implementation. Created in Unity using C#.
  • Amélia Blume and the Cursed Heart of the Old, Old Woods

    January-June 2015

    Gameplay Engineer

    Amélia Blume and the Cursed Heart of the Old, Old Woods is a side-scrolling platforming game that utilizes 3D assets to tell a story about dismantling hostile environments using nonviolent means. I engaged in quality assurance and implementation of player movement, platforms, sound effects, and music. Created in Unity using C#.
  • Cat Escape: Meow or Never

    February-March 2014

    Gameplay Engineer

    Cat Escape: Meow or Never is an action platformer for the web. I used JavaScript with ImpactJS to develop this Sammy Award nominated video game. I contributed to player movement, controls, audio, and enemy AI. During this project, I utilized and mastered a new framework to create a video game against an aggressive timeline.
  • Edibility

    May-June 2014

    Android Engineer

    Edibility was a mobile app that used Java with Android SDK in development of app displaying menus of UCSC dining halls. I contributed to user interface, preference saving, and application flow. Our team utilized various APIs to create application against aggressive timeline.


  • I am familiar with Unity, Eclipse, and Android.
  • I'm proficient in Python, C#, and C++


Honors and Awards

  • Honors in the Major
    University of California, Santa Cruz

  • Experience Award Runner Up
    Sammy Awards 2014 for
    Cat Escape: Meow or Never



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